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Waterberg landscape painting

A landscape composition divided by an organic form

On returning from a family weekend in the Waterberg, the road that we took had this amazing mountain range as you looked back. This view was the motivation for the Waterberg landscape painting.

While the exact representation of the mountain range is never a criteria to me, rather the form and shape that divides the canvas is what is important in the Waterberg landscape painting. The sky is always inspirational to me, an “endless space”, invoking feelings of freedom, opportunity and hope.

The African storm clouds with rain and sunlight competing for attention, make up the abstracted sky. Below this are the grasslands and agricultural fields with an organic sculptural form that rises up from the fields into the mountains. A threat to or a guardian of the landscape? Jonathan Edwards

Painting prices exclude frames

  • ZAR: 22,785.50

This painting is for sale.

Painting information

Title: Waterberg

  • Acrylic on canvas board
  • Dimension: 508mm x 609mm

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