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Sun Forms

Abstract acrylic painting

Circular elements resembling sun forms and solar flares form decorative patterns across the canvas. Red, yellow and orange are colours that will always be associated with warmth, the sun and power.

These are strong colours that I believe give a sense of heat and power. 

The whole idea of the sun as a life-giving entity is the outcome of this title and piece. In ancient religions, the sun was worshipped in some form or another as it was central to their daily lives and religion. Today we understand, from a scientific point of view, how important and life-giving the sun is and at the same time, how destructive it is given our continued pollution of the atmosphere and ultimately the destruction of the ozone layer. The breaking down of the ozone, which is our shield against the sun’s radiation, causes this life-giving entity to become one of destruction. 

Respect for our environment and the power it has to destroy us is what we need to live by and work towards. A problem for future generations can be lessened and must be by us, the current custodians of this world. It is no longer an acceptable excuse that we as individuals cannot make a difference.

This abstract paintingSun Forms, I hope, serves as a reminder of the power of the sun. Jonathan Edwards

Print prices exclude frames

  • ZAR: 5,572.00


Title: Sun forms

An abstract painting by Jonathan Edwards.

  • Dimension: 254mm x 356mm
  • Canvas Board

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