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Crown detail


Gicleé print by Jonathan Edwards


Acrylic Painting by Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards Artist statement

The environment, inspiration for my paintings and prints

Through form, colour, line and composition, I try to express the imbalances that exist in our environment. Mankind’s seeming disrespect for the environment and his need or obsession to supply an out-of-control population are the departure points to most of my landscapes, whether they are paintings, graphics or sculptures.

The organic forms, contrasted with the geometric and rigid counterparts in my paintings, are symbolic of the battle that exists between man and his environment. This conflict with our environment is real yet at the same time man can and could, still, bring about a balance and respect for place in it. The colour, form and line in the paintingscomposition become more than just these basics; they are a means to deliver the message about man and his environment. Harmony or discord, you decide.

Artist Jonathan Edwards

Contact Jonathan

8 Crow Street
Cedra lakes Estate

Phone: +27 72 227 1201

Opening Hours

Monday–Friday: 9 am –4 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 12 pm

Peace drawing 1

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