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Jonathan Edwards Artist statement

The environment, inspiration for my paintings and prints

Through form, colour, line and composition, I try to express the imbalances that exist in our environment. Mankind’s seeming disrespect for the environment and his need or obsession to supply an out-of-control population are the departure points to most of my landscapes, whether they are paintings, graphics or sculpture.

The organic forms, contrasted with the geometric and rigid counter-parts in my paintings, are symbolic of the battle that exists between man and his environment. This conflict with our environment is real yet at the same time man can and could, still, bring about a balance and respect for place in it. The colour, form and line in the paintingscomposition become more than just these basics; they are a means to deliver the message about man and his environment. Harmony or discord, you decide.

Technique and method

I work in two main media at the moment: acrylic and digital.

On the traditional side, I have been working exclusively in acrylic. It is for me a more immediate medium, taking less time to dry and allowing for the subtle build-up of colour nuances and a dynamic transparency in many instances.

I believe digital is a replacement to the silkscreen, etching and lino print-making processes.

The effort and struggle of the physical process of the print craft is no longer a factor for me (which for many artists is part of the passion and what makes etching, silkscreen and lino prints unique), being freed from its traditional constraints allows me time to concentrate on the concept and the creative flow. Here lies the major advantage of technology. 

The numerous brushes, layer techniques, and image-manipulations that are possible with a computer allow for a different imagery and mark to that of the traditional print. The digital file replaces the ‘etching plate’ and a specific limited edition is set. Only this number is printed, just as in the past with the traditional methods. The prints are not reproductions of paintings but are true and unique, limitededition, Giclée prints.