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Yellow and Green abstract landscape

| Jonathan Edwards |

Yellow and Green abstract landscape divided by rock formations

There are always two sides to an opinion or a story. Yellow and Green Abstract Landscape represents these two sides. Currently, we all have opinions on the state of the country and that of the world. Yellow, which in some cases is seen as associated with spontaneity and an unstable colour in contrast to Green which is a soothing and relaxing colour. Green of course is also a colour associated with hope and health.

The diagonal landscape, which is different from a traditional landscape format, in this case, is used to show the unique state that we find ourselves in, unknown territory in other words an unknown or unfamiliar landscape because of the diagonal format. 

The diagonal division of Yellow and Green Abstract is made up of circular organic shapes in brown and accentuated and highlighted respectively by black and white. These black and brown organic shapes are inspired by rock formations and the general organic growth of branches, roots and foilage. The abstract nature of these environmental subjects is an endless source of inspiration for me. Jonathan Edwards

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  • ZAR: 6,766.00


Title: Diagonal Yellow and Green

An abstract landscape painting by Jonathan Edwards.

  • Dimension: 254mm x 356mm
  • Canvas on board