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balance! art exhibition

an exhibition of sculptures, paintings and prints

The exhibition will be opened by Matthew Edwards

Until 1 June 

The exhibition will run from  11 May 2024 to 1 June 2024

Tuesdays to Fridays – 09:00 to 17:00

Association of Arts Pretoria

173 Mackie Street | Nieuw Muckleneuk | Pretoria

The underlying theme of the sculptures for the exhibition revolves around achieving balance in relation to our environment. Acknowledging that human existence inherently leaves a carbon footprint, the need is to actively mitigate this impact through mindful living practices.

However, achieving this balance has challenges. Many materials commonly used in art production lack renewability and manufacturing processes often neglect environmental considerations. The production of these sculptures serves as a way of highlighting this idea of balance.

Rather than opting for traditional methods such as wax or plaster for bronze casting, I’ve used recycled materials as an alternative approach to reduce the carbon footprint for production. It’s important to recognise that while these efforts reduce the footprint, they do not eliminate it entirely.

Bronze casting, despite its permanence and aesthetic appeal, contributes to carbon emissions. The question is: How can artists reduce their carbon footprint in production?

Exploring advancements in casting technology offers potential solutions to reduce waste, pollution, and energy consumption.

Alternatively, conscious living and stewardship of our environment can serve as complementary strategies.

While we cannot stop creating artworks or technological progress, we can actively look for ways to reduce or offset their environmental impact.

Ultimately, the message driving this exhibition is balance—an ongoing pursuit that needs all our input and conscientious decision-making.