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Limited edition Mountains 2

A limited edition print of a red and grey abstract mountain landscape.

This Limited edition Mountains 2 is another experiment in a limited pallet. The red, with grey as the contrasting colour. 

The mountain is the abstract red form that divides the picture plane. The form is made up of a reflection and flip of itself to create a unique form. This is a sort of distorted mountain/lake reflection scene. 

The grey marks above the red mountains are clouds or the suggestion of clouds. Clouds are one of the impressive forms or actions of nature that always intrigue me. They are incredibly threatening yet most of the time desperately needed in a semi-arid region like Africa. They always seem to be the promise of water and the whole idea of growth or renewed life. 

This is why in most of my work the clouds form a very strong and important part of the composition.  

In this graphic, the clouds are subtle, yet they accentuate the difference in the two grey sides of the picture plane.

The print information:

Each Limited edition Mountains 2 is printed on 200-gram bond paper using a large format printer. The print is then sprayed with a clear UV varnish. Each print is individually signed and numbered. 

Jonathan Edwards

Print prices exclude frames

  • ZAR: 1,990.00

A Limited edition print of an abstracted mountain using predominantly red with grey, blue and yellow accent colours. This print is available.

Title: Mountains 2

  • Giclee limited edition print
  • Dimension: 297mm x 420mm
  • Edition 15 (14 available)

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