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Drakensberg digital print

Drakensberg digital print, giclee limited edition.

The Drakensberg is a place that we visit a lot on trips down to the family in Ladysmith. It continues to be an inspirational place no matter how many times it is visited. A natural wonder that has interesting rock formations and shapes which is capture in this abstract Drakensberg digital print.

In this giclee print, Drakensberg, I have used the silhouetted form of the berg as a main element for the print. This silhouette is repeated as a type of stencil and also used as a cloud form. The sky is a mix of my cloud forms and lines to create feeling of a looming storm through the free flow drawing that developes into an abstraction or expression of clouds.

I have given the main mountain range (Berg)a certain amount of detail to get the sense of scale and magnitude that I feel would probably not be there with a flat colour. It also serves as a contrast to the more spontaneous lines and forms of the rest of the print. 

The colours for this giclee print developed from the idea of a limited colour palette namely reds and blues. The blues that are naturally associated with the sky and the reds that are usually not associated with mountains or landscapes help to accentuates the contrast. 

The print information:

Each Drakensberg digital print is printed on 200gram bond paper using a large fromat printers. The print is then sprayed with a clear uv varnish. Each print is individually signed and numbered. 

Jonathan Edwards

Print prices exclude frames

  • ZAR: 2,388.00

This print is available.

Title: Drakensberg

Limited edition print, an abstract interpritation of the Drankensberg mounatins by Jonathan Edwards.

  • Giclee limited edition print
  • Dimension: 297mm x 420mm
  • Edition 15 (14 available)

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