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Limited edition Mountain 1

Drawn marks are symbolic of man’s detachment from the environment.

Limited print edition: 15

As with Mountain 2, this limited edition Mountain 1 is a graphic where I primarily used greys and reds. The single yellow form is strategically placed to lead your eye further. This is more detail of rocksabstracted, a “zoom in” of a landscape.

I hope the viewer will look at this print and decide for themselves what is the mountain and what is sky. White or red?

When looking at rocks and stone surfaces, you will notice nuances of texturesshapes and colour, mother nature’s creative genius. The doodle or marks in the white and red area are inspired by and represent these marks on the surface of rocks. When we take a bird’s eye view (a satellite view) of the earth’s surface we again see a combination of nature’s marks and those of mankind. The digital marks could also be a representation of these satellite views, looking at earth from a distance, almost symbolic of man’s distance or denial of the looming environmental disaster due to his arrogance and greed.

The print information:

Each limited edition Mountain 1 is printed on 200-gram bond paper using a large format printer. The print is then sprayed with a clear UV varnish. Each print is individually signed and numbered.

Jonathan Edwards

Print prices exclude frames

  • ZAR: 1,990.00

Limited edition print of an abstracted mountain or rock formation. This print is available.

Title: Mountain 1

  • Giclee limited edition print
  • Dimension: 297mm x 420mm
  • Edition 15 (14 available)

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