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Track – Acrylic abstract painting

| Jonathan Edwards |

An arrangement of abstracted forms and lines “Track” – Acrylic abstract painting on board.

When looking at the earth with satellite and aerial images we get an idea of how mankind has changed the earth’s surface. That is through construction and in some cases, utter destruction. For example, new islands ( Dubai ), bridges, highways, and new breakwaters to name a few. 

These images show the earth as a canvas, drawn on in the form of cities, roads, and agricultural land all combined to create interesting and fascinating designs for visual inspiration.”Track” inspired by them is a painting that I feel achieves this visual in-balance or potential balance of man-made tracks and structures with the beauty of mother nature. The harsh dry sand (yellow ochre area) with circular shapes inflicted on the earth in contrast with the lush green organic areas. They intern are divided by geometric types of shapes and lines (the man-made elements). A bright red geometric pier thrust into the picture plane from the right drawing the spectator’s eye into the ringed shape, the focus point of the composition.

The “Sky” area of the painting

Moody sky and cool azure water surround these forms and are accentuated with bright white organic doodles here and there. Another bright white-blue geometric pier breaks the midnight blue area and within it is a midnight blue line drawing you into the centre of the composition. This line wraps around the centre-ringed shape and flows back down towards the harsh dry sand. A crimson-red convex mountain range overlaps the main circular shape towards the bottom of the painting. Here the “mountain range” morphs into an organic form made up of spheres and ringed elements. Throughout Track – Acrylic abstract painting and with my artwork in general, I enjoy the abstracted organic doodles that are in contrast to the more geometric lines or rigid boundaries.

Jonathan Edwards

  • ZAR: 9,950.00

This painting is available. 


  • Acrylic painting on hardboard
  • Dimension: 762mm x 719mm