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Blue: A Digital abstract artwork

“Blue” is a digital abstract artwork and a sketch for possible future sculptures. As an artist, I am fascinated by the emotional and psychological power of colour, and in this piece, I wanted to explore the graphic qualities of the colour blue.

The artwork is named “Blue” because the colour itself is dominant. Blue has always held a deep meaning for me—it represents tranquillity, introspection, and the vastness of the unknown. It has the ability to calm and captivate, and I aimed to depict these emotions in this piece.

The blue background serves as the basis of the composition. It is a deep and intense blue, intended to immerse viewers in a state of calm and contemplation. I wanted the colour to envelop them, creating an intimate and personal experience as they engage with the artwork.

Placed deliberately within this blue expanse are holes or craters. Each circle’s position and size are crucial to the composition, strategically interrupting the smooth surface of the piece. These holes serve as focal points, drawing in the viewer and inviting them to look deeper into the artwork.

For me, the holes or craters symbolise environments (man-made, or natural). They represent the idea that coexisting is possible.

By using abstract forms and craters, I wanted to evoke a sense of curiosity and intrigue in the viewers. The idea is that the placement creates visual tension and contrast against the blue background, stimulating the imagination and encouraging personal interpretation.

“Blue” is an invitation to reflect, and explore one’s relationship with the environment. It encourages viewers to find their own meaning within the composition and let their own imagination and thoughts take over.

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  • ZAR: 3,980.00

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Title: Blue


  • Giclee limited edition print
  • Height: 594 mm X Width: 420 mm – 23,386 inch X Width 16,535 inch
  • Edition: 15 (14 available)
  • 2023

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