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Red Yellow Blue

Red Yellow Blue by Jonathan Edwards is a stunning abstract piece of art that captures the eye with its bold and vibrant colours. The artwork features a predominantly yellow background, which provides a warm and inviting feel to the piece. Viewers will notice a series of blue diagonal string-like organic forms spreading across the piece from left to right. These shapes create a sense of movement and flow, evoking the perception of energy and momentum.

What is interesting, is the vertical organic form that cuts the picture plane vertically into a third and two-thirds. This shape serves as a striking visual element, dividing the artwork in a unique and interesting way. The organic shapes create the impression of space, encouraging viewers to explore the layers of the artwork.

Overall, Red Yellow Blue by Jonathan Edwards is a piece of artwork that fuses colour, form, and composition to create a visually dynamic and evocative work of art. Whether viewed from up close or from afar, this artwork is sure to inspire and delight audiences with its unique beauty and stunning aesthetic.

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Title: Red Yellow Blue

An abstract print by Jonathan Edwards.

  • Giclee limited edition print
  • Dimension: 420mm x 594mm – 16.5in x 23.4in
  • Edition 15 (14 available)
  • 2023

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