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Almeria Patterns Abstract Composition

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Acrylic abstract painting on board

Nature and man’s technology make for inspiring Almeria Patterns Abstract Composition seen from above.

Intensive farming and the use of technology has to be the solution to alleviate food shortages for the human race. The Almeria pattern’s abstract composition is a reflection of these possibilities and whether it is good or a scar on the landscape.

With the environment destroyed by the human race in numerous places, it makes sense that responsible intensive farming must become a means to reduce land use and increase production. 

The patterns of the greenhouse farming area are quite incredible. The irregular sizes and placement of the greenhouses produce an interesting patchwork pattern from above. Together with the natural mountain formations, it makes for a perfect contrast between man versus nature.

The layout of Almeria patterns

Looking at Almeria patterns, the larger oval-type form shows the green and light blue rectangle shapes of the greenhouses juxtaposed with the natural mountain area. The pattern section is in contrast with the two outer circular forms which are uncomplicated in design. The outlined red circular area to the right of the patchwork pattern landscape is empty and opaque like the greenhouse plastic. The green form to the left is a play of organic shapes and lines contrasting, again, with the straight lines and rigid pattern of the greenhouse grid.

The background is predominantly ochre and accentuates the pattern section and the other geometric shapes in the Almeria patterns abstract composition.

Jonathan Edwards 

The painting’s prices exclude a frame.

  • ZAR: 22,785.50

This painting is for sale. 

Painting information. 

Title: Almeria patterns

  • Acrylic painting on hardboard
  • Dimension: Height: 600mm x width: 840mm
  • 2016

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