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Sani Pass Peace Drawing 2

Need for peace

The second in the series of peace drawings. In this graphic, the inspiration came from a trip up the Sani pass. The peace symbol is incorporated into the sky landscape once again and strategically placed in the gap between the mountains.

The abstracted cloud formation takes on a more surrealistic or dream-like entity, using the clouds as a basis and a recognisable aspect of a landscape, and then using the subconscious to create forms and objects that become more important than the actual clouds.

With all these graphics, the peace symbol is incorporated from the start, its placement within the artwork’s composition is important as well as the integration into the cloud forms so as to show that it is part of the work, and should be part of our lives.

The message by using the Peace Symbol is that we need to practice peace, work on it and make it the norm.

Peace to you all today, and tomorrow.