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Irrigation Landscape

An abstracted irrigation landscape digital print.

Arial photographs of the orange river region show a landscape dotted with circular patterns of different browns and greens. These circular patterns are created by centre pivot irrigation which is done on a rather large scale in the immediate vicinity of the Orange River.

The composition

In this composition I made use of a diagram like sketch of a centre pivot together with a more abstracted group of circular “crop” areas to symbolise the crops and technology. Two of the diagonal yellow lines follow the same direction as that of the centre pivot sketch. The concentration of circular patterns is accentuated by two yellow lines thrusting in from the bottom and right of the picture plain.

The diagonal yellow lines can also be seen a flat or low mountain ranges with valley of irrigation.

The composition consists mostly of a colour that is usually called blue lagoon (#005666), with reds, yellow and a touch of green. The green is produce from the overlay of yellow on the blue.

This is the first of a series of work that will be inspired by irrigation or the lack their-of.

Jonathan Edwards


Irrigation Landscape by Jonathan Edwards

This print is available.

Title: Irrigation Landscape

  • Digital print
  • Dimension: 42 mm x 297 mm