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Irrigation Landscape No.2

An abstracted irrigation landscape No.2 giclee print.

The second in the series of irrigation inspired composition, Irrigation landscape 2 has elements of an inline side role irrigation. The wheel of the rolling irrigation system is the starting point of the art work. The straight lines and more geometric shapes of the wheels are almost overrun by the organic elements of the piece.

The composition is divided into two by the abstracted mountain range. The organic growth type forms fill the sky area and creep into the land and flow over the manmade irrigation system.

The colours

I have kept to a limited colour palette here and the idea is that this will help emphasise the difference in the organic and geometric elements. The off-white of the mountains in the distance accentuates the composition division.

Jonathan Edwards


Irrigation Landscape No2 by Jonathan Edwards

This print is available.

Title: Irrigation Landscape

  • Giclee print
  • Edition 15
  • Dimension: 42 mm x 297 mm