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Pottery painting

Last year we celebrated my daughter’s birthday at The Clay Café Red Barn – Irene and I got to glaze a plate for a bit of fun pottery painting and it turned out to be an interesting exercise and a new “canvas” for ideas and imagery.

I used the glaze in a similar manner as one would with watercolours, keeping the raw white of the plate and dividing it with a strong blue and orange element.

Red and orange watercolour

Red and orange watercolour was done for Matthew for his birthday.

There is a suggestion of a circle form in the centre of the composition. The organic shapes and forms accentuate the circle. The blue and black lines in turn define these organic shapes and further help draw attention to the circle shape in the centre of the page. I used water-soluble wax bar “Artbar” to draw and applied the water to the paper where the wax was.

Sani Pass Peace Drawing 2

Need for peace

The second in the series of peace drawings. In this graphic, the inspiration came from a trip up the Sani pass. The peace symbol is incorporated into the sky landscape once again and strategically placed in the gap between the mountains.

The abstracted cloud formation takes on a more surrealistic or dream-like entity, using the clouds as a basis and a recognisable aspect of a landscape, and then using the subconscious to create forms and objects that become more important than the actual clouds.

With all these graphics, the peace symbol is incorporated from the start, its placement within the artwork’s composition is important as well as the integration into the cloud forms so as to show that it is part of the work, and should be part of our lives.

The message by using the Peace Symbol is that we need to practice peace, work on it and make it the norm.

Peace to you all today, and tomorrow.


Landscape Peace Drawing 1

A need for peace in our world.

Given the turmoil our country is in, and for that matter the world, I would like to provide a platform for rejuvenation in the only way I can: an awareness of the need for peace through a series of graphics: “Peace drawings”.

In the past, the peace sign was originally designed as a symbol for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament by Gerald Holtom in 1958. It has become a universal symbol for peace, and now we have a nuclear crisis between America and North Korea.

My creations are simply springboards for creating awareness. Hopefully, it will spread and supply a platform to help people think about what is happening in our world and to motivate change in government opinion and direction. People in democratic countries should have the power to stop violence and corrupt policies and decisions that government make, otherwise, we are simply not living in a democracy.

People in autocratic countries have in the past affected change for the good through their voice and commitment. If enough people choose peace above everything else in their everyday living, then surely it has the potential to become our norm.

The graphic that I have created incorporates the peace symbol, it’s part of the landscape /skyscape. It is there and it will stay there. I am going to create a series of these Peace drawings and share them as soon as I have completed each one.

Traditionally, for Christian followers, this time of the year is a celebration of the message of goodwill to all mankind and peace on earth. Let’s not discard that, but add to it, irrespective of our religious belief, let this be a time of peace everywhere. Let peace be our objective for every day, let us wake up and go to sleep with peace in our minds and hearts.

The Free state landscape peace drawing 1graphic has been created in adobe illustrator. I have predetermined the placement and size of the peace symbol over the series of peace drawing series and it is my intention to incorporate it using my style of drawing and composition. I will be using different environments and landscapes to portray my message of peace.

Peace to you all today, and tomorrow.