Storm clouds building painting

Storm clouds building, Abstract artwork

The colour blue, the African sky and high-veld storms are the inspiration for this Storm clouds building abstract painting. Blue because the sky is blue and blue is a trusting calming colour, although a storm is everything but calming! The sky is an inspiration because it is where we look for hope. After all, hope is in the form of clouds and rain and in a spiritual way the heavens.

The “Storm Clouds” are made up of abstract forms and lines that also take the form of a type of map, a map of things organic and foreign (to a sky). Who knows, one day, forms as odd as these could fill the sky but for now, they are my “storm cloud composition”. Therefore these lines and forms are compared with what we have cut, drawn and built on the earth’s surface through roads, buildings, mines and industry. 

A non-pictorial landscape composition

To the right of the composition is a representation of the “Big hole” in Kimberley and a few of the surrounding roads. The mine and places similar to the Kimberley Hole are a permanent reminder to us of how we are changing the earth’s surface. Although this is detrimental to our future and while technology and mankind must develop and grow, we need to do it in ways that preserve our environment. The mountain range at the bottom of the composition gives the feeling of importance or greater significance to the “clouds” or forms above. To me, the painting is a landscape, not in the traditional sense but more in the sense of a dreamlike landscape.

A storm is building, a disaster is building, we can change and we need to change to weather the storm. 
I hope that Storm Clouds’ abstract painting will have a calming enjoyable effect and also be a reminder that we have a responsibility to our environment.
Jonathan Edwards


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Painting information. 

Title: Blue storm clouds building

  • Acrylic painting on board
  • Dimension: 420 mm x 297mm
  • 2016

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