Landscape painting Red Forms

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The painting’s concept or idea.

The concept of this painting was to keep to the colour red as much as possible. Red, as a positive colour, is passion, action, energy and desire. Action and energy are the more important moods that I wish to express in this landscape painting Red Forms.

I allowed myself the use of white and blue to accentuate and subdue the red in places. Ultimately other colours in the red range crept in. The general look is still predominately that of a red landscape.

Red – Passion for the landscape (environment) that is ours to look after. Hopefully, this abstract landscape inspires or provokes that emotion in the viewer. Look closer and you can see smaller landscapes within the abstraction, nuances of colour attract your attention or simply let your mind wander and create your own story.

The forms in the painting are inspired by rock formations, eroded rock outcrops found in the African landscape and arbitrary rocks and stones in the veld (fields). The eroded circular shapes and lines found on so many of them are an endless source of inspiration for this work and many others.

The forms, flat areas and predominately red colour can also be seen as a detailed shot of a larger canvas, i.e. that of the red sunset, the red of a molten lava flow or the red-like colour of a rock formation.

Look, as they say, for a while at a painting, and be inspired.

Jonathan Edwards

  • ZAR: 19,900.00

This landscape painting Red Forms is for sale. 

Painting information. 

Title: Red Forms

  • Acrylic painting on canvas
  • Dimension: 762mm x 510mm
  • 2015

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