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Craters abstract landscape painting

Destruction of the landscape expressed in Craters abstract landscape painting

The Craters abstract landscape painting has a predominant crater which is symbolic of the destruction of our environment or landscape. The mountain range is abstracted and repeated in the shapes of the clouds. This follows an idea that I have for skies in general, in that they are landscapes as well. After all, we can’t forget our childhood past time of staring into the sky and seeing shapes and animals in the clouds that form.

What could have been a tranquil green pastoral landscape is destroyed by three craters, one completely destructive, a hole, allowing us to see the sky!

The ochre and yellow of the landscape and mountain range are interspersed with greens. Dark grey-blue outlines the mountain range and the crater forms. The sky is a light grey-blue with dark storm clouds forms in dark grey-blue. Jonathan Edwards

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  • ZAR: 5,572.00

This painting is available.

Title: Craters

An abstract painting by Jonathan Edwards.

  • Dimension: 254mm x 356mm
  • Canvas

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