Beach Dance

Abstract Beach Dance – coastal artwork

Abstract painting of a beach

As you gaze upon this canvas, measuring 500mmx500mm, you enter a realm born from my deepest inspiration—the mesmerising world of the beach. Every brushstroke, every hue is a reflection of the captivating interplay between the tides and the shoreline. Allow me to walk you through the essence of Beach Dance, an abstract painting.

Drawing from a palette of Prussian blue,  yellow ochre and yellow, I sought to evoke the very essence of the beach—tranquillity and nostalgia. The blue abstract forms are a portrayal of the boundless ocean waters, forever oscillating between incoming and receding. They swirl and flow gracefully, capturing the eternal motion of the sea.

In contrast with the fluidity of the water, strokes of yellows and ochre emerge, forming intricate patterns like sandy shores and weathered rocks. They represent the grounding elements of the beach, where land meets water, and time has sculpted the landscape.

Throughout my work, circular motifs have been a recurring feature, and here, they come to life once again. They engage in a captivating dance with more geometric forms, embodying the rhythmic encounter between the sea and the rugged coastline. Watch as the water flows around the rocks, embracing them and then gracefully withdraws into the crevices of the shoreline.

This painting, while abstract, holds a profound narrative—the tale of nature’s ceaseless beauty and the timeless relationship between the sea and the land. As an artist, I aspire to convey emotions and memories through my creations, and with Beach Dance, I hope to transport you to the cherished moments of beachcombing and sunset strolls, as the canvas echoes the splendour of the coastal haven.

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  • ZAR: 43,780.00

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Painting information. 

Title: Beach Dance

  • Acrylic painting on canvas
  • Dimension: 
    Height: 500mm x width: 500mm 
    Height: 19.685inch x width: 19.685inch
  • 2023

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